World Korean Medical Students' Organisation

We are WKMSO

We are a non-profit organisation seeking to connect medical students of Korean heritage studying all over the world. 

Our goal is to connect members from our different regional chapters (Asia, Canada, Europe, Korea, Oceania, South Africa, South America, United States) through global outreach programs and to empower them with our resources. 

Our Mission

We like to call it C.E.O.


WKMSO will act as branches and roots to “connect” you to other organizations, students, doctors and affiliated organizations. For example, this will be achieved by compiling a database, operating a website and co-coordinating a mentoring program with doctors.


WKMSO will act as a growth channel for your self-empowerment. We will do this by sharing our resources and experiences to help fellow colleagues. For example, sharing resources on elective and residency programs in different countries, providing opportunities for research and participation in international conferences.


WKMSO will endeavor to provide an interactive community education outreach program that will over time aid in developing greater levels of primary prevention for a wide variety of preventable diseases. Together, we can not only make a difference to our lives as students but we can also make a difference to marginalized communities by providing them with the tools they need to help themselves.

Different Countries
Regional Representatives
Years of history

WKMSO Leadership

2017 - 2018 Academic Year


Woochan Hwang


Imperial College London, School of Medicine, UK


Solee Han

Vice President

Wonkwang University, School of Medicine, South Korea


Chang-young Choi

Secretary General

Ajou University, School of Medicine, South Korea

Want to suggest a project?

If you have any bright ideas on how to broaden the scope of our work, please let us know. You can either suggest an idea for volunteer work that you would like to take part in (or even organize yourself!), overseas clinical observerships that you would like to do,  or any events that you think WKMSO should take part in.


We hold events throughout the year. These events are designed for any medical student of Korean heritage to take part in. Here we post a few of our main events. Please click the link below to find out more about what we do.

Our Events

Just some of our annual events

Annual Conference

2017 - Seoul, with KMA(Korean Medical Association) 2016 - New York, with KAMA (Korean American Medical Association)

Cambodia Outreach

Volunteer program to Cambodia. Held every year in January.

Academic Exchange

We provide support to students who are trying to find overseas clerkships.

What Our Members Say

Listen to what they have to say about our recent events!

2017 소록도 봉사
Emily Rotten
2017 여름 컨벤션
Mike Devos
2017 캄보디아 봉사
Dominic Jenskin
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